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Share the passion throughout your company

Sharebox is a platform which help HR to improve the links between their employees
by creating a dynamic community in which you can share your passions.
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Choose your talents
Select your talented employees and invite them to share their skills.
Show the best of your company
We come to your place to make a movie about each participant.
Take advantage of our tools
We provide you with our platform to promote and manage the sessions.
Let us do the work
We set up every session with your employees during lunch time.
See the results
We generate a mapping and an interest table of your company.

Sharebox is a project that was accelerated during the program “NEST’up” by Creative Wallonia (, the first Belgian incubator for startups. This program welcomed the team for 3 months to help us put our ideas into shape.

About ShareBox

Sharebox helps your entreprise to build the social graph inside the building. The main idea is to recreate connections between the departments. The expert in passion is no longer an outside consultant but a daily worker inside your building fully valorized. By integrating the program into your company, your employees will get to know each other better by sharing the videos on the social networks and truly increase employer branding. The Sharebox program represents a real CSR project on the long term, the one-shot teambuilding is over. The concept “Happy at work” is no longer an utopy, absenteism will decrease and your productivity will be boosted.

Sharing on a webplatform has never been easier, a snowball effect is guaranteed thanks to the videos ! First, you simply describe your passion on the website and offer to others to join in on it… Then if they want to, they can also offer their own passions. Already tested by the FPS Social Security ( and Vlan ( the project has proved its impact clearly .

We all have a passion that drives our days, we think that it’s the best way to connect people all over the world. Finally, we will provide you with original mappings of your employees and a relevant analysis of them to truely discover the skills of your teams.

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For any enquiry about Sharebox, please send an email to